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The new KSP's Air-Sup is designed and built to be used in any place and by everyone.

Featuring a new, ultra-light and ultra-resistant material production, it can be inflated until 15 psi pressure (recommended pressure), thus ensuring greater rigidity. In this way, the SUP will prove to be among the most reactive and easily maneuverable.

All tables are made with the latest high-strenght woven PVC V-DROP where the bluff between the two surface layers of PVC are assembled with a last generation system called Aerosol, offering better bond between the fluff and PVC surface layers. This ensures a duration at high stress on a long time span.

These special tissues denominated Aerosol HTPD are the only tissues that have been tested to be able to withstand up to 3 bar of inflation pressure, but which are used with an average inflation of 1.5 bar. Higher preassure means more rigid boards, which may contain their original form at all times, thus avoiding deformations, and then offering the best performance in all conditions.

Using the two 7 cm-side fins and the 19 cm central one (US monted on removable box), the table can mantain a good stride in cruising and at the same time have a good manoeverability on small waves (1-2 meters).

Incredibly stable board with an absolute rigidity (thanks to its new technology of construction) both in flat water and for waves riding.

Available size:

  9' = 275 x 74 x 15cm - 690€ ar PVN
10' = 305 x 70 x 15cm - 710€ ar PVN
11' = 335 x 87 x 15cm - 730€ ar PVN

Nomas cena:
1h=5€; 2h=10€; 3h=15€; 4h=20€; visa diena=25

Included in the package (komplektā):
- Air-Sup
- Paddle
- Bag
- Pump
- Repair Kit