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KSP Boots

Stronger boots (zili; dzelteni; oranži vai jaukti, piem. 1zils/2dzeltens) = 300€ ar PVN (pāris)

The STRONGER Boots, new-entry of KSP collection, offer an extreme wake performance combined with a freedom and fluidity of movement that few boots on the market can give.

In fact, thanks to their compact size, allow you to perform the extreme maneuvers with freedom like never before. All this combined with ultra-resistant materials that will keep you well blocked both the foot, is the ankle.

Also thanks to the combined snare/tearing, absolute adherence of boots to your foot is guaranteed!

But one of the most absolute novelty of this project are the plate: in fact, in addition to guaranteeing a perfect fit and absolute in time thanks to the excellent materials used, the boots STRONGER boast fantastic replacement system of the plate.

In fact, unlike all other boots that after 2-3 years of heavy use, being begun to bend the plate for strong impacts become unusable, with STRONGER you can just buy one pair of new interchangeable plates, replace it in a jiffy thanks to 8 stainless steel screws, and your boots will become like new, with a totally straight plate, and then again maximum performance for you.

Easy to get in and out, these boots are perfect for kite even in difficult conditions, and fit perfectly on wakeboarding or kiteboarding, and thanks to their "sneakers" looks, the aesthetic result will be equally assured!

If your style is freestyle / wakestyle, you must try!

4-5: 37-38

6-7: 39-40

8-9: 40-41

10: 42-43

11: 44-45

12-13+: 46-47+