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Slider '19

SLIDE is the new KSP free-ride board.   360€ ar PVN

Realized to satisfy the level of each rider, it’s very comfortable and with its average flex it’s the right board for those who want to easily progress their level.

Board with large upwind, and very tolerant maneuvering unclean, will be by your side to help you progress quickly.

Thanks to the lines of grip formed in the tip with the 3D production system, give to the board a high stability over a greater adherence to the water even in case of ciop.

The new board line of KSP also presents in all its boards grafts PVC reinforced for the use of boots.

If you want a freeride board that offers maneuverability, excellent performance and instantly familiarity, then this is the board for you.

Board Tech

KSP boards offer latest generation components, for design, details and materials.


Medium Flex

Average flex suitable for dampen every impact and tire the less as possible the rider.


Progressive Flex Technology

The flex is studied and varied from the center of the board to the tips, so to have an excellent result in all its points.


3D ABS Rails

ABS is the best material usable for the sides protection of the board. This lend a greater resistance to impacts.

3T Complete Wood Core

Because of the importance of the soul of every board, we use the best Wood Core accessible in the market.


Glass Fiber Multiaxial

Thanks to the multiaxial fibers, the board owns an high resistance and reaction to twistings.