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Shark '19


SHARK is the new freestyle board of KSP.   395€ ar PVN 

A freestyle machine uncompromising, design and structure ultra light, edge grip and unmatched upwind.

Thanks to the production fully 3D system, presents several lines of grip, so as to confer to the board excellent stability and grip on the water

Also equipped with progressiv-flex system, each part of the board has a specially designed flex.

The Shark is able to give extreme sensations, thanks to the materials used to build Hi-Tech. With this board you can do what you want.

The new board line of KSP also presents in all its boards grafts PVC reinforced for the use of boots.

Made with Varial-X Carbon hight-level torsion system, this board will withstand stresses very strong, is able to transform the energy generated by the rider, in extreme trick.

Trick impressive and soft landings to give the best of your freestyle at full power!

Board Tech

KSP boards offer latest generation components, for design, details and materials.



Medium Flex

Average flex suitable for dampen every impact and tire the less as possible the rider.


Carbon Layer Technology

Thanks to the application of bi-axial Carbon plates, the board archieves a weight reduction of the 20%, more POP and high resistance.


Progressive Flex Technology

The flex is studied and varied from the center of the board to the tips, so to have an excellent result in all its points.


Double-concave Bottom

The double-concave shape of the board low section allows to have a best bowline and grip on the water with the slightlest friction.


3T Complete Wood Core

Because of the importance of the soul of every board, we use the best Wood Core accessible in the market.


Explosive POP

Explosive POP sensation so to give the best to every rider, even in the elaborate tricks.


Glass Fiber Multiaxial

Thanks to the multiaxial fibers, the board owns an high resistance and reaction to twistings.


3D ABS Rails

ABS is the best material usable for the sides protection of the board. This lend a greater resistance to impacts.