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Wave Small '17/18

555€ ar PVN

The new KSP Wave Freeride/freestyle board, is the perfect product for any rider that want to have fun with a wave board but on the flat water or with medium/smaller waves, make freestyle, or going in lightwind condition.

Its line is designed to get a perfect result especially on medium/smaller waves, with a high stability and good speed of movement. The perfect board for who want start with a wave board

Made entirely by hand with doubleside monoplate bamboo, it shows a double-concave, traditional shape with tri-fins configuration that confers to this board a very reduced weight with a total freedom in movements and most impetuous tricks, so to obtain an excellent stability and then indicated for any level.

FUTURE Fins system, with inner PVC support, so to award to the board a greater backing against impacts and damages.


-5'2'' x 21 1/16" x 2 1/8" 

Included Accessories: