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Select '19 NEW

800.001320 ar PVN 7; 9; 11; 13; 17m2 (lapa izstrādē)

The new SELECT KSP arrived home.
For the first time in the history of our kite, it comes from boosting machine that offers the possibility of huge jumps with incredible hang time in the sky.
The aim of our engineers was to design and build a kite all round, with excellent hang time characteristics, but also very light that could offer an immediate feeling from the first edge.


We can say that is the perfect choice for freeriders and riders who want to fly really high.

Even the speed of rotation has been rigorously studied, together with a wind range increased to a greater skill and control in flight. In upwind, even with little wind, no need to move it up and down, even holding it in flight the SELECT window provides the necessary strength to glide quietly.

Also important change concerns the construction: For this collection we have selected the best materials on the market, as 2DR (double ripstop), Tejian Dacron, and maximum bladder thickness.
The basic jumps with rotations and in general all the "old style" trick with the Select seem easier and manageable.
If the wind is not too high, the SELECT can also be used for jumps "basic wake style".
If you are a demanding lover you would not try it!

2DR RipStop

The KSP uses the top quality canopy 2DR latest technology with a double filament, ensuring a high quality and durable level

Turbo Valve

Inflates and deflates your kite quickly, and with half the effort in the pressure of the pump, thanks to the great to fast-valve system, a valve with a much larger diameter than the standard.

One-Pump System

Thanks to One-Pump system with which the KSP manufactures all its kite, inflate your kite will be quick and not very strenuous. The system allows to inflate all of the bladder by a unique rapid valve

5 Struts Design

The system provides 5 struts in this wing a super super stability in extreme conditions, without increasing the weight and performance of a lightweight kite!