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KSP bar '19

40, 47 un 53cm platumā+leash, 4 striķi - 370€ ar PVN; ar 5-to striķi. - 390€ ar PVN

An important new feature of this new collection of KSP is undoubtedly the new KSP Bar.

Completely redesigned, the KSP Bar, conceived for 4 lines kites with provision for 5 lines setting  (it's enough to add the optional 5-lines kit), has features that make it very easy to use, thought for riders of all levels.

Another important new for this bar is with no doubt the quality of materials, too: in fact the lines used in this new German Europcord production collection, have the distinction of being:

- Anti stretch
- Anti node
- Anti usury
- Waterproof

Made with Eva and Covering terminals on the cables, he possibility of fingers intertwining is totally eliminated.

Equipped with Easy-Swivel System, a manual rotation system for the front-lines, positioned above the Chicken-loop, you will always have an optimal arrangement of lines, that with spins and tricks could intertwine.

Other product features:

- Europcord Last generation Cords: 23cm high resistance lines from German manifacturing;

- Full EVA bar-ends. The two oversize and lateral Eva terminals offer to the rider a safety in case of unfastening, because the bar will keep on floating, providing at the same time a continue protection of the lines;

- Ergonomic EVA Grip. Comfortable no-slip grip system, with redefined shape for good grip and comfort.

- 100% Safety System. Security System 100%, thanks to the Red-Line full downloading system, which leaves the direct coupling point to the leading-edge on a single point of the front-line

- Cleamcleat Power/Depower System. The easiest and best power control system of the kite.